Family Time :)

Last night I stopped by my sisters to say hi and when I went inside my dad was there visiting 🙂 I went to the store and made some orange chicken and brown rice for dinner. Then I sat and watched the Giant’s game with my dad. Seems like the Giants are on a winning streak right now after their sweep of the Dodgers last weekend!! Last night it took them a while to get any runs but in the fifth inning they ended up scoring. The ninth inning made me a little nervous but we pulled out with the win which is all that matters hahaha. Right now the Giants are number 1 in the NL West with 70 wins. I was nervous that the Giants might have some trouble after losing one of their best hitters, Melky Cabrera. It’s unfortunate that he got caught using steroids :/ but it doesn’t seem to be affecting them so that’s good! This weekend my dad asked if I wanted to go to Sacramento to visit my uncle so my dad, my sister, my niece and my girlfriend are all going up there later tonight… should be a lot of fun 🙂 I’ll probably get talked into going to the casino so I hope I win big!!!!!!

Have a great weekend everyone

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