Temple Run

So as many of you guys already know.. I ended up leaving my iPhone in San Francisco during SF pride and haven’t been back there to pick it up so I just got a piece of shit phone for now lol. It hasn’t really bugged me because I am never on it anyways but this week my sister got me addicted to the game Temple Run on her iPhone! I have never been much of a game guy but it’s one of those games that you just want to keep playing to beat your previous score. My girlfriend ended up getting the app on her phone so now we are always going back and forth trying to beat the other ones high score haha. Right now I hate to say it but she still has the high score 🙁 Not for long though lol!! I really hope this weekend the weather is nice so I can get out and do something fun. Lately it’s been super overcast here in the morning but it seems to clear up in the afternoons. I’ve been really wanting to get out and run or play some tennis. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to go biking as much as I used to because I don’t have a bike right now since it got stolen out of the back of my truck a while ago so that sucks!! Hopefully, I’ll get another one soon. I miss biking a lot.

Much love

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