Boys Night

The last two nights I’ve been able to kick back and have boys night. On Thursday I picked up Dylan Roberts and hit the gym in the afternoon. We waited for Johnny Torque to get off work then we took a couple of shots together and went to one of our favorite restaurants down the street called Sweet T’s. They have some BOMB BBQ 🙂 We all got BBQ Chicken. I got mine with sweet potato hash.. I seriously wish you guys could understand how good it is!! I had a beer with dinner and then we topped off the night with a shot of Jack Daniel’s hahaha.

Last night we thought about going out to the bars but got too lazy and got food and watched TV instead. When we got food at the grocery store I put in $20 and picked out a few scratchers. I had won like $7 so far and for some reason I picked a scratcher called Silver and Gold which I never get. I started scratching and hit a gold bar… then another… and another… all in all I scratched off 10 bars which meant I won $100!!!! 😀 I was so happy. I couldn’t believe it! That was probably the most I’ve ever got off a scratcher. I’m just happy when I win my money back lol. Guess my lucky rocks are starting to work 😉

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