Today I went into town and rented a wakeboard that would be big enough to fit my feet since the one my girlfriend’s family has is too small for me. I tried wakeboarding once a loooong time ago and didn’t have the best experience but everyone kept telling me to try again so I decided to give it another go! I was basically getting up on the wakeskate the other day so I figured I wouldn’t have a problem with getting up on the wakeboard. I was able to get up on my first try, although it didn’t last long 😉 haha. I got up a couple more times and by the third time I was able to ride it out for awhile and even went outside the wake! However, getting back inside the wake is a whole other story :p It feels great getting up on the wakeboard! I’m happy I decided to try it out again. I think tomorrow my goal is to attempt a jump! I got some videos of me wakeboarding that I’ll try to put up this weekend. This vacation had gone by way too fast! I leave on Friday so I can go to Pink Saturday and then San Francisco Pride on Sunday 😀 At SF Pride I’ll be at the Gloss Magazine Booth for a bit but then I get to walk around and have fun so I’m stoked! Hope to see a bunch of you there 😉

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