Gym, Traveling and a Date

I had a busy day yesterday! Drove home from the airport and had to stop at the dealership to sign some papers and schedule a time to take my car in to have some things done. Then I went home and checked out Johnny Torque’s new Challenger. Pretty dope car! He let me drive it to the gym and it was a beast. At the gym we hit Shoulders and Traps. Lately, I’ve been shedding some weight but I’m hoping to gain a couple pounds before my shoot in June. I’ve been working my ass off on developing more definition in my shoulders and my hard work is starting to pay off!

After the gym, I went home and got ready then went to pick up Chelsea. Tried to talk her into going ice skating or to play paintball but she was too tired so we ended up just getting dinner at one of our favorite places, Willi’s Wine Bar. This place is sooooo good!! It is a smaller place that is really nice. The menu consists of a bunch of choices of small plates of food, cheese and of course a ton of different kinds of wine. I got the Pinot Noir flight.. can’t go wrong with that! My favorite wine was a 2010 Romililly from the Russian River. It was hands down probably THE best wine I’ve ever had! For food we got baked oysters with artichoke and parmasian, tuna tartare and fillet mignon sliders. Just thinking about it is making my mouth water 🙂 Well guys, I hope to see a bunch of you tonight on my web cam show!


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