FleshJack ;)

What’s up everyone!

Just got back from Austin, Texas yesterday morning. It was a quick trip but a lot of fun! Doing the molds was pretty hilarious, I must say 🙂 Didn’t really get to see the mold from my butt or dick but the mouth one looked really good! I’m so excited for them to come out! After I did the molds I got to walk around the warehouse and get some items from Flesh Jack. I got Johnny Torque a mouth Flesh Jack that looks like a tall soda can, which was pretty cool. I also picked up a few fleshjacks for myself 😉 Tried it last night and it feels fucking AMAZING! After the molds and everything I went to do my photoshoot out at the Flesh Jack owner’s property. Everyone was super nice the entire time and the photoshoot went really well. I think the hardest part of my whole day was signing a 100 caps hahaha. Tuesday was a looonnggg day and I was so exhausted after but I still pushed myself to hit the gym. For dinner I grabbed some tuna and avocado, watched a little bit of TV and then passed out! All in all it was a great experience and a trip I will never forget

Much Love

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