Hey Guys,

Today I’m in the process of traveling to Tennessee! I left this morning at 2:45am to catch the airporter, which was absolute hell waking up that early! haha but my flight left from San Francisco at 6:15am and I arrived in LA at about 7:45am. Unfortunately, I got stuck with a 5 hour layover in LA 🙁 I was trying to think of something I could do to waste the time and so just like any other normal person.. I looked up the closest 24 hour gym and it was less than a half a mile away 😀 Probably THE best idea I’ve had haha. So I caught a cab and went to work out arms. While I was there, the guys in the gym started calling me Rocky.. pretty funny!! After my gym sesh, I went back to the airport and bought some horoscope books to keep me busy. I hate to admit it but my girlfriend got me into the whole horoscope thing and it’s actually really interesting, granted I don’t believe everything I read 😉 In Tennessee I’ll be meeting up with Brody Wilder. We get along great so I know this trip is gonna be a good one. I’m also stoked because one of my friends moved to Virginia about a year ago and is gonna come to my event in North Carolina!! Things are about to get crazyyyyy!! Hope to see some of you guys this weekend 🙂


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