My first scene was on Friday. I filmed with a new guy named Adam Ridge. It was my first time shooting with him. He had a really good looking face and the scene was a flip flop so I had a great time J I got to enjoy the best of both worlds haha… so it was an awesome way to start the week out!! In the scene Adam we were outside and I was teaching him stuff to do on the exercise ball. After the scene I was able to get a nice workout in then I went home and enjoyed a nice walk in the state park by my apartment. It’s a pretty small trail but it wraps around a small lake. The weather was absolutely perfect and there were quite a few people out fishing. On one part of the trail I had to climb across some rocks over a small creek. After my walk, I went back home and enjoyed a nice cold margarita with Johnny Torque and we watched Jackass 3 in 3D. It ended up being a pretty early night since I had to be up bright and early the next day.

Much love

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