Shoot Week

Hey Guys!

This week has been crunch time! I start shooting tomorrow morning 🙂 I’ve been hitting the gym twice a day to make sure I’m looking my best for these upcoming scenes. Haven’t been able to really sleep in so I got an early start this morning working out legs and abs. After the gym I went home and had two turkey burger patties with bbq sauce and a protein shake. Then I decided to be productive and cleaned up my room haha. Did some laundry and got to relax a little bit before I hit the gym again to do some abs and cardio. Tomorrow my first shoot is with a model named Adam… I wasn’t given his last name so not sure who he is. I have 4 scenes and then a solo. My other scenes this week are with Aaron Reynolds, Anthony Romero and Campbell Stevens. Don’t know anything about any of my scene partners this time except Anthony Romero, which I’m stoked about getting to do my first scene with him! I will be shooting Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday but I will do my best to keep you guys updated on how the scenes are going. Today I have my web cam show at 5 and then I plan on cutting my hair, eating and getting to bed early so I can hit the gym before my scene tomorrow morning. Hope to see you guys on the show tonight!

Much Love

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