Grocery Shopping

Alright Guys,

Today I went hardcore grocery shopping! Johnny and I go through food like crazy!! Usually I try to shop at Oliver’s or Whole Foods but every now and then I go to Costco to stock up on some things. At Costco I usually just get meat and eggs, of course! I like to get frozen turkey burger patties, frozen chicken breasts, and some steaks. Some other huge staples to my diet lately have included spinach and oatmeal. Most people find the food pretty bland and maybe it is because I’m used to it but I LOVE IT! Never gets old to me. In my next couple of blogs I’ll try to give you guys a daily plan of what I eat. It’s important to keep up your metabolism throughout the day, especially when you are working out as much as I am. It took me about a week to get my body use to consuming so much food so regularly and I wouldn’t suggest having as big of portions as me. Since I’m going to the gym twice a day and trying to bulk up right now I need a lot of protein throughout the day. I know a bunch of you usually ask what I eat so hopefully you guys will like the next couple of blogs!

Peace and Love

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