Family and the Weekend

Had a great weekend!! Got the right amount of fun and relaxation 🙂 The perfect combination! On Friday I went out with Johnny Torque and some friends. Went to a club I’d never been too which was pretty cool. Didn’t stay out too late so I got a good nights rest. Saturday was my lazy day 🙂 Hung out at home, did some cleaning and went to dinner with my girlfriend and her family. The weather was so nice all weekend so after dinner my girlfriend and I were able to walk a trail close by our house. It felt great just to be able to take in the scenery. The trail is on a hill that over looks Sonoma County and the sun was setting, so the sky was filled with breath taking colors. The trail ended up taking us to a lake, where some people were fishing. Sunday I went tanning and hit the gym. Had a great leg workout. My mom ended up stopping by to see my place for the first time since I moved and it was great seeing her. Had a bomb burrito for dinner and was able to relax while playing some Madden with Johnny and my nephew before bed. I’ve been hooked on watching the shows White Collar and Psych lately. Both of them are hella good! I had never really seen Psych before this weekend but they had a marathon on Saturday night that I couldn’t stop watching 🙂

Hope everyone had a great weekend,

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