Weight Progression

Soo as you all know I had a New Years Resolution this year, Improving my body. My goal was to gain 5-10 pounds with minimal fat gain. So far my weight has increased by 7 pounds and my fat by .02%. I guess hard work does really pay off, and self control as well…it’s not easy turning down a donut lol. I have alot of free time soo paying attention to my diet and going to the gym twice a day is easy peasy. When I have 2 a days, my second workout always consists of abs, body weight movements, and running. My workouts have gotten more intense and my strength has gone up tremendously. Whatever i’m doing, i’m doing it rite lol. Not drinking is key as well, drinking lowers your test level by 75%…and puts your body into a catabolic state(eating of the muscles). So dont drink if your trying to see results.

Sooo that is it guys! Much love to you all and I will be looking out for your email! 😉

Sincerely, Mojo

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