Shoot Week

Hey Everyone!

This week I started shooting but unfortunately, I got all the morning slots L It’s been hard to get up and get going, especially since I try to hit the gym before I shoot. So far I’ve had 3 scenes. All of them have gone pretty good. My first scene was with Brody Wilder, who is an awesome guy and not to mention sexy as hell! On Sunday I had a scene with a guy I’ve never worked with before. His name was Adam Hardy. Dude was really big up top, great shape. Today my scene was with James Jamesson. Always enjoy working with him. I think you guys will really enjoy that scene. Got another scene on Tuesday and then on Friday, which so happens to be my birthday! So that scene better be damn good… but can’t complain about celebrating my birthday with a little fun in the morning 😉 Haha trying to start it off right!! Not sure what I’ll do for the rest of my birthday but I’m thinking about going to San Francisco with Johnny Torque to party. I’ll let everyone know how the rest of my scenes go!

Much love,

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