So just recently I moved into a new place with Johnny Torque and my girlfriend…that expains why I havent posted a blog in a week or so. But soo far i’m loving my new living space and my roomies.

First day of moving in was soo tiring, I mean really..who likes moving? Driving back and forth picking up stuff dropping it off, getting stuff organized..what a headache it is!!! And believe it or not, i havent even finished yet. I still have to organize a shit ton of clothes I have and still have to go shopping for new furniture for the room! Ahhh, shoot me lol.

At least now I have a gym partner, Johnny is pretty excited to start going to the gym with me…gives us both mutual motivation. Johnny is no longer going to be a twink lol (which I dont think he is anyway).

So for my next few blog posts i’m going to do some video blogs, going to make it easier for myself since I havent grown to fond of typing..I hate it! So much love to you all and I hope your new year is going great!

Sincerely, Mojo

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