My Adventures

Soo im going to give you the run down on where and what i was doing the past couple weeks when i was blogging nor doing my cam shows lol.

First i was off to montreal to dance at the stock bar with tyler torro, james huntsman, and samuel o toole. Now if you cant spell trouble..i just did for you :). The trip started a little rocky with delays and what not but we got there safely lol. During our flight to toronto to catch our connecting flight to montreal, i was in a deep sleep..until i smelt this delicious odor…i open my eyes and look at james…in his hands was a 4 pack of chicken breasts lol (kid can eat) I gave him a whats up and he tossed me a chicken breast. So nice of him hahaha. It was bomb by the way. So we land in montreal, get set up in the rooms and hit the hay. Next day we all hit the gym..besides sammy…slacker! lol just playing sammy.. i still love you :). So that night we get to stock bar, greeted with hugs and welcoming gestures by all the staff. If i lived in montreal id work not only as a dancer, but as a bartender or something…such good vibes i get from that place. Soo that night Tyler and i perform with one another, great duo we are :). The next night i performed with James, and him and i had a great time…acting real silly trying to do crazy shit on the pole. All in all stock bar was a blast. Got to meet a ton of my fans and give them private dances (which i did alot of) 😉

After montreal i was off to New York to dance at adonis lounge, i had a few free days so all i did mostly was go to the gym twice a day and walk around town. The night at adonis lounge was fuuuunnn, alot of beef cakes there…and when i say beef cakes i mean beef cakes lol. Huge muscle bound guys. But they were all quite nice. After all the traveling i was home sick…so i honestly could not wait to get home and be normal lol.

Soo there it is, tomorrow in the am i will be posting about my shoot week that just passed. Much love to you all and happy holidays!

Sincerely, Mojo 😉

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