Workout Day 5

Ok guys so I have been super busy with a bunch of stuff but im back on the blogging binge 🙂

Ill explain in my next blog about what i have been up to but for now i’m going to give you low down on day 5. Now this is the day you are going to be doing nothing body weight movements and abs. Super high paced with little to no rest in between sets. With every set you want to go to failure.

So in total you are doing 12 sets of pull ups, 12 set push ups, 12 set abs, and 12 set body squats.

Close grip pullups: 4 sets to failure superset w/ 4 sets reg push ups
Decline crunches: 4 sets superset w/ 4 sets body squats close stance
Wide grip pulls: 4 sets w/ 4 sets diamond push ups
Hanging leg raises: 4 sets w/ 4 sets wide stance body squats
Chin ups: 4 sets w/ 4 sets of wide spread pushups
Excercise ball crunches: 4sets w/ 4 sets feet touching squats

Now this is all about endurance…your goal is to finish it. If you need rest take it, but your main goal should be is to finish it. Make sure to eat enough before this workout and hydrate. After this day you take a day or two off then repeat the regimen. The key is to listen to your body, if you are sore take that extra day off…it will benefit you in the long run.

Much love to all of you out there and there will be a blog coming out tomorrow telling you all about my trip.

Peace and love

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