What is going on with meh

Hey guys! Long time no talk. As it is obvious to you all, I haven’t been too good with the whole blog thing…I had this thing called Slackeritas…serious disease…but i’m cured! lol 🙂

So not much has been going on in my life, I like to consider myself an old man. All ive been doing is going to the gym, eating right, not drinking, and going to bed ridiculously early…now thats the life! At least I feel good ya know :).

So just recently, i went too Sacramento with the one and only Tucker Scott to Go Go dance at Bojangles…Had a fucking blast. Everyone was dying to see my impeccable dance moves(the running man) ;/ lol.. Made some new friends and I really liked the owner soo i’m hoping we do more events with them :). The next event i’m going to is going to be in Fort Lauderdale, Nov 17th-20th at Bills. Havent been to Flordia in quite some time so i’m very excited for that. Then shortly after I get back i’m off to St. Paul, Minnesota with Johnny Torque, Nov. 22nd-24th. I get back the morning of Thanksgiving so i’m hoping there is no flight complications…or we miss our flight some how…i have a track record for missing important flights lol. Just the thought of having Starbucks for thanksgiving will motivate me to be at the airport 5 hours early. I will keep you guys updated if anything changes.

So that is it for today, but if you have ANY suggestions on blog posts, videos, scenes….or any questions…please email me!!! marcusmojo99@gmail.com

Peace and love to you all! Have a great week! 😉

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