What is up!? :)

How is everyone doing?  I hope everyone is enjoying my web cam shows, I’m really trying to answer all questions asked during but theres soo many!!  So if  I couldn’t answer during the show, feel free to ask me on here!  🙂

So lately i’ve just been relaxing, going to the gym like usual and spending time with the fam.  Not tooo exciting but it’s nice to be home for more than a week and just live a regular life…it keeps me sane :).  So I have quite a bit of work comig up so i’m gonna fill ya in on whats to come:)

Jan 25th-29th Shooting for my site in sonoma county (my home town)

Feb 2-3 Falcon studios

Feb 4-7 Going to the Carribean, just for fun!

Feb 7-10 XBiz awards in LA, soo excited!

Feb 11th-14th Can Am Wrestling in LA

Feb 18th-23rd Going to New york, not definite dates

FEB 24th!  My birthday!!!!  Yaya 22!  I’m gettting old lol 🙂

So theres my schedule so far, if there are any changes or additions ill be sure to inform you all! 

Also, if there are any suggestions on my web cam shows or private home videos let me know!  Would love to fulfill my fans desires.  For example, workout videos, working on my truck, shaving, etc…ill make a video for ya guys!  Well off to tanning then my web cam show!  See you all there!  Much love to you all!  Until next time 😉


Mojo 😀

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