At The Lake

Good Afternoon Guys!

So this week I’m on vacation at the lake. The first day I got here it got to 109 degrees!!! It was ridiculously hot. I didn’t want to get out of the lake 🙂 I played catch with the football in the water for awhile but trying to keep yourself up without a life jacket is some hard ass work lol!! I know I’m on vacation but I just can’t get myself to take time off of the gym. I’ve been running to and from the gym every morning before it gets super hot outside. It’s felt great getting back into running. The gym is only about a mile into town so it’s not too bad of a run luckily. Yesterday I tried to wakeboard but the bindings didn’t fit my big feet so I tried to use the wakeskate instead. I attempted 3 times and basically got up but couldn’t keep the boarding from slipping out from under me. I think later today I’m gonna rent a wakeboard with bigger bindings so I can try. I’m definitely going tubbing today though 😉 I’ve been getting super tan being out in the sun all day. I can’t remember the last time I was this tan haha! Alright guys, well I gotta finish my lunch before I go out on the boat again. Talk to everyone soon!

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Start of Shoot Week

What’s Up!

I started my shoot week nice and early Tuesday morning. I was feeling great! I was able to hit the gym Monday night and then again on Tuesday morning. Being able to hit the gym before a scene always wakes me up and gets me ready. My scene was with the one and only James Huntsman haha. He is a friend of mine on and off the screen so the scene was a lot of fun. It is always so much nicer being able to do it with someone you know.. just makes the scene so much more laidback and I think the chemistry is always better. James is in THE best shape I’ve ever seen that dude!! Serious props to him right now! Seeing him that ripped makes me want to start in competitions 🙂 The scene was set up in the gym where James and I were training together. Definitely ended up being a hot scene 😉 Yesterday my scene was with Donny Wright, he topped. He was a massage therapist and I was the client. Today I have an orgy scene with Rod Daily, Campbell Stevens, Sammuel O’Toole, Brody Wilder, Johnny Torque and Donny Wright. It’s going to be a long day of sex haha. I’ll definitely let you guys know how it goes 😉

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Giant’s Perfect Game

Last night I went to the Giants Game with Chelsea. We got there early and grabbed a bite to eat at the Public House before going into the game. While we were sitting down eating a fan recognized me and came up and took a picture, which was pretty cool. Definitely the last place I thought someone would recognize me! It ended up being a really nice night in San Francisco. The wind died down so it wasn’t very cold and it stayed pretty clear. I was so tired and didn’t think I’d be able to stay for the whole game, especially since I had to be up early this morning for my shoot but it became pretty clear to me that this game was going to be amazing. Within the first couple of innings the Giants had taken a large lead and had already hit 2 homeruns. As the K’s started going up I told Chelsea that Matt Cain has a no hitter so far but I didn’t want to jinx it. They had a couple amazing plays to keep the perfect game going and the stadium went crazy at the end of the ninth inning! The atmosphere and excitement from everyone around me was overwhelming! Cain ended the game with 14 strikeouts!! Absolutely unbelievable to say the least. It was the Giant’s first perfect game in their franchise history!! To be able to say I was at such an amazing event in the Giant’s history was an incredible feeling. I’ll never forget last night 🙂

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LA Pride

Hey Guys!

I just got home after my looooong ass drive back from LA Pride. I drove down there Friday night and stayed with a friend in Newport Beach. We went out in West Hollywood on Saturday night at The Abbey. The place was packed! We got into VIP and I got to meet the club owner who was an awesome guy. I even got talked into getting up and dancing on these bars that went across the ceiling 😉 On Sunday I picked up Rod from the airport and after a giant mix up at the hotel we were finally able to check in and head to LA Pride. Rod and I were at The Frontier Magazine booth taking pictures for awhile but after we got to walk around and hang out. We ran into Adam Killian and Spencer Reed who we ended up having dinner with. The weather was ridiculously nice! Later that night I went back to The Abbey for a bit but called it an early night and went home to get my sleep before driving home. It was my first time at LA Pride and it was amazing. I got to meet a bunch of great people and had a fun ass time doing it.. nothing better than that!! Tomorrow I start my shoot week bright and early. I’ll be shooting till Saturday and then I’m going on vacation with my girlfriend and her family to the lake and then SF Pride 😀 I’ll keep you guys updated on my scenes this week.

Much Love!

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Hectic May

May has been an absolutely hectic month to say the least!! I’ve been gone every single weekend and last week I spent 4 days in Dallas. I leave again this Friday to go to Montreal for the weekend. My flight is at the crack of dawn but I don’t have that bad of a layover so I’m happy.. I even got a nonstop flight on the way home 😀 In Montreal I’ll be dancing at Stock Bar on Friday and Saturday night. I feel like it has been impossible to catch up on sleep and I’ve been super tired this week. Since I am constantly traveling I always have a huge to-do list as soon as I get home. Today I spent time doing laundry, cleaning up my room and cleaning out my car. It’s never any fun to clean but after it’s all done it feels great! I get such bad anxiety coming home to a messy room or car. Other than that my daily routine has been just about the same when I’m home. No matter how busy my day gets I always seem to find time for a hard workout at least once 😉 Looking forward to seeing you guys on my web cam show Thursday at 5pm!

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Last Night In Dallas

Today I flew back home from Dallas. Last night ended up being absolutely ridiculous. The Tin Room got packed again but it wasn’t till later in the night. I was amped up on coffee and sugar free redbulls so I had a bunch of energy 🙂 After the club closed I went outside to wait for Jack and his friend so we could get something to eat. A fight ended up breaking out right in front of the club. Long story short, I tried to intervene and break it up. Which landed me giving a police report for over an hour…no soo fun. I ended up just going back to my hotel room and eating all the snacks I had left in my room lol. I was sooo hungry. The next morning I packed up and said farewell to my good friend Jack. I’m definitely considering moving there in the near future. As for my flight, I flew Virgin America…and that is by far my favorite airline. I slept like a baby. Well until next time! Much love to you all!

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On Friday I woke up and went for another run. Dallas was hot as shit haha!! Friday’s shoot was shorter than Thursday’s and for the most part I was in the pool, which was super nice. I got done with photos around noon and then got to look at some of the pictures with Mark. I really worked my ass off to look my best for this photo shoot and I definitely think my hard work paid off. I was really happy with how the pictures turned out and can’t wait for them to come out! I had planned on staying in Dallas until Sunday just to hang out but I had the opportunity to dance at The Tin Room Friday and Saturday night so I said why not! It’s been awhile since I’ve been to The Tin Room so I was happy to get the chance to go back and visit with an old friend, Jack 🙂 Friday night the club was packed!! I had a great time dancing and more importantly, getting a chance to walk around and hang out with everyone. After dancing.. Jack and I grabbed a bite to eat at The Waffle House 🙂 I was starving so I didn’t care where I ate! Got back to my hotel room and passed out as soon as I hit my bed. I was so exhausted this morning when I woke up but I was able to get a workout in and then had some time to relax while I watched the movie Contraband, which by the way was a hella good movie!! Talk to you guys soon 🙂

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Mark Henderson Photo Shoot

Hey Everyone!

I left on Wednesday for Dallas, Texas to do a photo shoot for Mark Henderson. I always enjoy working with Mark and think his photos turn out great. I think they are some of my favorite photos of myself. I’ve known Mark since I first got started in the business and it has always been a great honor to work with such an outstanding photographer. Definitely a MUST to go check out his website at On Wednesday when I got into Dallas I just went to the gym, got dinner and then went to bed early to get my rest. On Thursday I was up early to take a run before the shoot got started. I haven’t taken a run in awhile so the first 10 minutes was killer but after the run I felt great and energized for the shoot. Thursday was a loooooong day and was super tiring!! Holding poses and flexing for 8 hours in a day is a workout in itself 🙂 I put up a picture from the shoot on instagram for you guys to see. I’ll let you guys know how the rest of my trip went!

Much Love,

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Gym, Traveling and a Date

I had a busy day yesterday! Drove home from the airport and had to stop at the dealership to sign some papers and schedule a time to take my car in to have some things done. Then I went home and checked out Johnny Torque’s new Challenger. Pretty dope car! He let me drive it to the gym and it was a beast. At the gym we hit Shoulders and Traps. Lately, I’ve been shedding some weight but I’m hoping to gain a couple pounds before my shoot in June. I’ve been working my ass off on developing more definition in my shoulders and my hard work is starting to pay off!

After the gym, I went home and got ready then went to pick up Chelsea. Tried to talk her into going ice skating or to play paintball but she was too tired so we ended up just getting dinner at one of our favorite places, Willi’s Wine Bar. This place is sooooo good!! It is a smaller place that is really nice. The menu consists of a bunch of choices of small plates of food, cheese and of course a ton of different kinds of wine. I got the Pinot Noir flight.. can’t go wrong with that! My favorite wine was a 2010 Romililly from the Russian River. It was hands down probably THE best wine I’ve ever had! For food we got baked oysters with artichoke and parmasian, tuna tartare and fillet mignon sliders. Just thinking about it is making my mouth water 🙂 Well guys, I hope to see a bunch of you tonight on my web cam show!


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FleshJack ;)

What’s up everyone!

Just got back from Austin, Texas yesterday morning. It was a quick trip but a lot of fun! Doing the molds was pretty hilarious, I must say 🙂 Didn’t really get to see the mold from my butt or dick but the mouth one looked really good! I’m so excited for them to come out! After I did the molds I got to walk around the warehouse and get some items from Flesh Jack. I got Johnny Torque a mouth Flesh Jack that looks like a tall soda can, which was pretty cool. I also picked up a few fleshjacks for myself 😉 Tried it last night and it feels fucking AMAZING! After the molds and everything I went to do my photoshoot out at the Flesh Jack owner’s property. Everyone was super nice the entire time and the photoshoot went really well. I think the hardest part of my whole day was signing a 100 caps hahaha. Tuesday was a looonnggg day and I was so exhausted after but I still pushed myself to hit the gym. For dinner I grabbed some tuna and avocado, watched a little bit of TV and then passed out! All in all it was a great experience and a trip I will never forget

Much Love

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