A Little Vacay

What’s up!

This weekend I spent up at my uncle’s house in Roseville. My dad, nephew and girlfriend came with me. We didn’t get there until late Friday night because my girlfriend had work until 5. My uncle already had dinner waiting for us when we got there… pork chops and potatoes 🙂 It was soooooo good! It was ridiculously hot the first night we were there. At 10 O’clock at night it was still in the mid 80’s! My uncle has 4 pugs that are so fucking cute!! On Saturday I found the closest 24 hour fitness and worked out with my nephew. When we got back I took a shower and got ready to go to Thunder Valley Casino. My uncle and dad warned me how tight the machines were there but holy shit I’ve never been to a worse casino. I wasn’t hitting anything. I went even on one machine but ended up losing it on Keno! We were only there for a couple hours thank god hahaha. When we got home I shot the BB gun in the backyard for a while and then watched Apocalypto, which is one tense ass movie!!! I always have a great time visiting my uncle.. I swear we are non-stop talking every time I’m there! Anyways, I hope all of you had a great weekend. See you on my show 😉

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