What is up?

This week I’ve been hitting the gym super hard. I’ve been going at least twice a day and sometimes three times! I get that craving for that pumped feeling. I’ve started to think about getting into body building so I’ve been really focusing on developing more vascularity and symmetry. I got into contact with a friend from high school that does competing and actually opened up a gym with a couple guys that is strictly geared towards body builders. I’m supposed to meet up with him next week for a consultation and some advice on what I need to work on and what I need to do. I’ve always thought about body building but never thought I’d be big enough but my girlfriend has been really supportive and told me to go for it especially since I’ve been able to bulk up quite a bit lately. In theory I’d really love to be able to get to 250lbs just pure muscle and completely shredded but I’m not so sure if I’ll be able to get that big hahaha. I definitely give body builders serious props though for how hard they train and what they have to put their bodies through. I’ll let you guys know how the consultation goes 🙂

Much love

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