Family and Puppies :)

This week I’ve been spending a bunch of time with my sisters and their kids 🙂 Seeing them always puts me in a good mood! No matter what is going on in my life or how stressed out I am, I can always count on my family to change that around. I’m so lucky to have a great family that is 100% supportive of everything I do! My sister’s chihuahua just had her puppies about 2 weeks ago and my girlfriend and I have already claimed them both hahaha. She had a boy and a girl that we named Milli and Mojo. They are finally starting to look like actual dogs now that their eyes are opened and they are getting bigger. Mojo is this little butter ball!! He is probably twice the size of Milli already and is super wrinkly.. I never thought I’d want a chihuahua but he melts my heart 🙂 I can’t wait till they are running around and everything haha.

Other then that… I’ve just been on an apartment hunt! I’ve been looking for a new place to move into with my girlfriend and my nephew. I hate having to look for a new place and the thought of moving sucks haha. It will be nice though to find a bigger place especially since we will have two dogs now too 😉 I had two shoots last weekend that I will write blogs about so look for those!!

Much love,

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