Working out

Hey Everyone!

Lately I have been busting my ass in the gym and I’m really seeing my hard work pay off! I go through phases of wanting to get bigger and then cut down and get shredded. Right now I’m all about building more muscle. I’m trying to stay as lean as possible but I’ve been able to gain a considerable amount of weight. Sometimes it is hard for me to get used to being so much bigger… clothes aren’t fitting and I’m so used to being shredded that sometimes I feel like I don’t look as good but I’ve gotten so much positive feedback from everyone that has seen me lately!

On Sunday I went to Dore Alley in San Francisco which was a bunch of fun. I kept my hair grown out for the event but it has become so itchy that I’m thinking about shaving it off :p I wasn’t supposed to be shooting this month but I ended up getting two scenes in a couple of weeks. Then I shoot for a week in September. It seems like it has been forever since I shot but it’s really only been about a month. I’ll let you guys know more about my upcoming scenes as soon as I find out!


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