Tonight I just got a call from my sister that one of my sisters Chihuahua’s gave birth to two puppies!!!!!! Both my sister’s dogs got pregnant around the same time so I can’t wait for the other one to give birth. I have been dying to get an Akita for the longest time but living in an apartment doesn’t seem like the best time to get such a large dog. I never liked Chihuahua’s or any small dogs for that matter until my whole family got them. I’m lucky that all the Chihuahua’s in my family are super nice and loving. I hate to admit it but every time I seem them I melt. My girlfriend and I are considering getting two of the puppies. She wanted one from the smaller Chihuahua and I wanted one from the chunky Chihuahua hahaha 🙂 We decided that we would probably get a boy and a girl and had come up with the names Milli and Mojo :p Finally I’ll be able to say I’ve got mojo lol! I’ll have to take a video of all the little puppies as soon as the other puppies are born.. I mean honestly how can you not fall in love with puppies?!

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