Softball game

One of my nieces started playing on a competitive softball team this summer and until this weekend most of her tournaments have been away so I haven’t been able to go see any games. On Friday night I was finally able to make it to a game. The weather has been ridiculously hot lately so I was roasting in the sun but she did pretty good and her team ended up winning 6-0. After the game the family got together for dinner to celebrate my sister’s birthday. We had beef stroganoff 🙂 I haven’t had it in sooooo long that I almost forgot how damn good it is haha. While dinner was cooking I took my nieces and nephews to go swimming in the pool. They kept having me through the pool keys into the water so they could dive for them. After that I turned into a cannonball judge haha. They ended up getting me soaked!! The rest of this weekend was like any other weekend.. I went to the gym and hung out at home. I was able to do my laundry and clean around the house a bit. After I go to the gym again tonight I’m gonna have to get my ass to the grocery store lol

Much love,

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