Rock Booth

This past weekend I spent up at my mom’s in Monte Rio. I went up there with my girlfriend and my niece and nephew. The weather was perfect! It was nice and sunny but there was a breeze. The first night we were there we ate dinner at Northwood Golf Club and listened to a live band. On Saturday I got up early and went to the gym before everyone was awake. When I got back we all had breakfast and then got ready and went into Guerneville. During the weekends they have a small flea market by the Safeway so we stopped there and looked around. I found a rock booth that interested me. While I was looking around I started talking to the lady that ran the booth. She was telling me stories of how she got these rock books that had where they came from and she would go there and find rocks of her own. I ended up getting two rocks there. One is a really cool turquoise color with some copper on it and the other one is a clear and yellow stone. The turquoise one is said to be for protection and the clear and yellow one is for money and fortune 🙂 After leaving the booth it got me thinking about how cool it would be to actually go mining for gold so I added that to my bucket list haha!

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