Last night my sister had a BBQ at her house. Two of my sisters couldn’t make it but my mom was there and I got to spend time with my nieces and nephews 🙂 we went out and played catch with the football while dinner was cooking. I made a diving catch which I soon regretted because the grass made me so itchy!! It’s been really hot here lately so it’s hard not to just wanna be lazy around the house. Yesterday I wasn’t feeling too good. I thought maybe I was getting sick but I think it was just because I was exhausted and needed some extra sleep. Today I slept in till 1130 and it felt so good!! This weekend I’m going to spend time up at my mom’s which should be nice and relaxing. I love being out in Monte Rio. Thinking about going on a hike in the redwoods one day this weekend 🙂 Anyways, Johnny and I are about to hit the gym now 😉 see you guys tonight on my web cam show!

Much love,

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