This week has been kind of hard getting back into a workout routine. It’s funny how after only a weekend off from the gym can really throw your whole routine off but I’ve been getting back on track hitting the gym twice a day. Last night I went and saw Men in Black 3, which was pretty good. I gotta admit it had me busting up laughing a couple times! I was lucky that there was barely anyone else in the theater 🙂

Today I had a whole day planned with my girlfriend. Started out with a gym sesh of course lol and then we took a drive out to Monte Rio. We stopped at Korbel Winery and did some champagne tasting! Then we got some sushi and met my mom and aunt at The Rainbow Cattle Co. for a drink. The bar tender was such a nice guy that almost talked me into trying Zumba 🙂 After dinner we all got ready and headed down to the river to watch the fireworks! They were pretty good. I love watching fireworks! Hope everyone is having a good weekend 🙂

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