At The Lake

Good Afternoon Guys!

So this week I’m on vacation at the lake. The first day I got here it got to 109 degrees!!! It was ridiculously hot. I didn’t want to get out of the lake 🙂 I played catch with the football in the water for awhile but trying to keep yourself up without a life jacket is some hard ass work lol!! I know I’m on vacation but I just can’t get myself to take time off of the gym. I’ve been running to and from the gym every morning before it gets super hot outside. It’s felt great getting back into running. The gym is only about a mile into town so it’s not too bad of a run luckily. Yesterday I tried to wakeboard but the bindings didn’t fit my big feet so I tried to use the wakeskate instead. I attempted 3 times and basically got up but couldn’t keep the boarding from slipping out from under me. I think later today I’m gonna rent a wakeboard with bigger bindings so I can try. I’m definitely going tubbing today though 😉 I’ve been getting super tan being out in the sun all day. I can’t remember the last time I was this tan haha! Alright guys, well I gotta finish my lunch before I go out on the boat again. Talk to everyone soon!

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