Giant’s Perfect Game

Last night I went to the Giants Game with Chelsea. We got there early and grabbed a bite to eat at the Public House before going into the game. While we were sitting down eating a fan recognized me and came up and took a picture, which was pretty cool. Definitely the last place I thought someone would recognize me! It ended up being a really nice night in San Francisco. The wind died down so it wasn’t very cold and it stayed pretty clear. I was so tired and didn’t think I’d be able to stay for the whole game, especially since I had to be up early this morning for my shoot but it became pretty clear to me that this game was going to be amazing. Within the first couple of innings the Giants had taken a large lead and had already hit 2 homeruns. As the K’s started going up I told Chelsea that Matt Cain has a no hitter so far but I didn’t want to jinx it. They had a couple amazing plays to keep the perfect game going and the stadium went crazy at the end of the ninth inning! The atmosphere and excitement from everyone around me was overwhelming! Cain ended the game with 14 strikeouts!! Absolutely unbelievable to say the least. It was the Giant’s first perfect game in their franchise history!! To be able to say I was at such an amazing event in the Giant’s history was an incredible feeling. I’ll never forget last night 🙂

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