LA Pride

Hey Guys!

I just got home after my looooong ass drive back from LA Pride. I drove down there Friday night and stayed with a friend in Newport Beach. We went out in West Hollywood on Saturday night at The Abbey. The place was packed! We got into VIP and I got to meet the club owner who was an awesome guy. I even got talked into getting up and dancing on these bars that went across the ceiling 😉 On Sunday I picked up Rod from the airport and after a giant mix up at the hotel we were finally able to check in and head to LA Pride. Rod and I were at The Frontier Magazine booth taking pictures for awhile but after we got to walk around and hang out. We ran into Adam Killian and Spencer Reed who we ended up having dinner with. The weather was ridiculously nice! Later that night I went back to The Abbey for a bit but called it an early night and went home to get my sleep before driving home. It was my first time at LA Pride and it was amazing. I got to meet a bunch of great people and had a fun ass time doing it.. nothing better than that!! Tomorrow I start my shoot week bright and early. I’ll be shooting till Saturday and then I’m going on vacation with my girlfriend and her family to the lake and then SF Pride 😀 I’ll keep you guys updated on my scenes this week.

Much Love!

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