Hectic May

May has been an absolutely hectic month to say the least!! I’ve been gone every single weekend and last week I spent 4 days in Dallas. I leave again this Friday to go to Montreal for the weekend. My flight is at the crack of dawn but I don’t have that bad of a layover so I’m happy.. I even got a nonstop flight on the way home 😀 In Montreal I’ll be dancing at Stock Bar on Friday and Saturday night. I feel like it has been impossible to catch up on sleep and I’ve been super tired this week. Since I am constantly traveling I always have a huge to-do list as soon as I get home. Today I spent time doing laundry, cleaning up my room and cleaning out my car. It’s never any fun to clean but after it’s all done it feels great! I get such bad anxiety coming home to a messy room or car. Other than that my daily routine has been just about the same when I’m home. No matter how busy my day gets I always seem to find time for a hard workout at least once 😉 Looking forward to seeing you guys on my web cam show Thursday at 5pm!

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