Last Night In Dallas

Today I flew back home from Dallas. Last night ended up being absolutely ridiculous. The Tin Room got packed again but it wasn’t till later in the night. I was amped up on coffee and sugar free redbulls so I had a bunch of energy 🙂 After the club closed I went outside to wait for Jack and his friend so we could get something to eat. A fight ended up breaking out right in front of the club. Long story short, I tried to intervene and break it up. Which landed me giving a police report for over an hour…no soo fun. I ended up just going back to my hotel room and eating all the snacks I had left in my room lol. I was sooo hungry. The next morning I packed up and said farewell to my good friend Jack. I’m definitely considering moving there in the near future. As for my flight, I flew Virgin America…and that is by far my favorite airline. I slept like a baby. Well until next time! Much love to you all!

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