On Friday I woke up and went for another run. Dallas was hot as shit haha!! Friday’s shoot was shorter than Thursday’s and for the most part I was in the pool, which was super nice. I got done with photos around noon and then got to look at some of the pictures with Mark. I really worked my ass off to look my best for this photo shoot and I definitely think my hard work paid off. I was really happy with how the pictures turned out and can’t wait for them to come out! I had planned on staying in Dallas until Sunday just to hang out but I had the opportunity to dance at The Tin Room Friday and Saturday night so I said why not! It’s been awhile since I’ve been to The Tin Room so I was happy to get the chance to go back and visit with an old friend, Jack 🙂 Friday night the club was packed!! I had a great time dancing and more importantly, getting a chance to walk around and hang out with everyone. After dancing.. Jack and I grabbed a bite to eat at The Waffle House 🙂 I was starving so I didn’t care where I ate! Got back to my hotel room and passed out as soon as I hit my bed. I was so exhausted this morning when I woke up but I was able to get a workout in and then had some time to relax while I watched the movie Contraband, which by the way was a hella good movie!! Talk to you guys soon 🙂

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