Tennessee was a bunch of fun but my ear started hurting after my flight from LA to Nashville. It was a dull pain until that night and then it became really painful. It hurt so bad at night that I couldn’t even fall asleep. I was dreading getting back on another plane to North Carolina because I knew it would just make it worse and I was right. During the flight to North Carolina not only was I in some serious agony but blood even came out of my ear!! At first I was worried I had busted my ear drum but when I looked it up online it said it was probably because of an ear infection. I tried to find somewhere to go to get it checked out but the place I tried was closed. I went to the store and picked up some ear drops instead, which helped a little bit. I was still able to go to the gym before the event and besides the pain, I had a bunch of fun in North Carolina. The DJ at the club there was awesome!! The next morning I ended up missing my flight on the way home. I was pissed because they let a guy on literally 5 feet in front of me and then told me I couldn’t board so I was stuck there for another couple of hours. I was so eager to get home and see a doctor because it hurt so bad. When I went in to the doctors yesterday, he ended up telling me that I had bad ear infections in both ears due to so much traveling. I couldn’t believe it! I can’t remember the last time I’ve had an ear infection but I can tell you that I NEVER want to have to go through this pain again. I had to get antibiotics and ear drops. Luckily, it should be gone by the time I go to Vancouver, Canada on May 10th 🙂 Other than dealing with that, I’ve still been able to get into the gym twice a day. With the infections it makes my balance off so it’s been really difficult but I can’t afford to take any time off so I’ve just had to push through it!! Much love you guys 😉

Sincerely mojo

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