In the blog where I told everyone my schedule for this shoot week, I was told I was going to be shooting with Aaron Reynolds but he changed his name to Bradley Roads so I wanted to correct myself. Anyways, that is who I shot with on Saturday. Again this was a someone I had never shot with before. Our scene was set up where he was a photographer and I was a model. All I have to say is it ended up getting pretty hot and heavy during the photo-shoot 😉 On Sunday my scene was with Campbell Stevens. In our scene we had just got done with hockey and we were in the locker room. After getting out of the shower I caught him sniffing my jockstrap, and I think you know what happens next :). All in all this weekend’s shoots have all gone pretty good. Hopefully you guys enjoy them!! Monday I had a scene with Anthony Romero and man on man…that was a hot scene. We flip flopped ;). I’ve been trying to think of some new scenarios for my solo but I’m up for suggestions so if you guys have any ideas please send them to my email, marcusmojo99@gmail.com. Can’t wait to read what sexy ideas you guys come up with!

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