It’s a WrAp

Shoot week for me is officially a wrap!! 🙂 I thought it went pretty good. I’m excited to see how to the scenes turned out and I think everyone will really like them. This week I got to do two flip flop scenes which is always fun! My solo scenario ended up being completely different from anything I’ve done before. I really liked the idea but I’m gonna let you guys wait and see what it was when it comes out 😉 haha

Had a bunch of fun on my web cam show on Tuesday. I was in a good mood, just hanging out with Johnny Torque and messing around. Looking forward to my web cam show tonight!! Other than that I’ve still been hitting the gym really hard. I’ve been trying to work out twice each day still. The other day I actually did a chest workout with a bodybuilder. Probably one of the most intense and tiring workouts I’ve had! Gotta work out with the best to get better results though so I loved every second of it! I leave tomorrow for Tennessee, then saturday I head to Raleigh, North carolina. Ive been to Tennessee once and I have never been to North Carolina, so i’m thinking this is going to be quite trip. Hope to see most of you tonight on my show!

Much Love,

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