Orlando Pulse

I left early Saturday morning to Orlando, Florida! I have been to Florida many times but never Orlando, so this trip was completely new to me. I was expecting to be hit by the humidity as soon as I got outside the airport but luckily it wasn’t that bad at all. The weather reminded me a little bit of home on a nice sunny day. I got to my hotel, which ended up being situated right next to a HUGE water park! I only wished I had been able to go to that when I was a kid J I settled into the hotel room and then decided to hit the gym before I got picked up to go to Pulse. Got there about 2 hours early and hung out with Brison (the manager), the drag queen and bartenders. The drag queen helped me net my underwear because of a little hole, which ended up looking pretty awesome! I started with a strip performance down to my underwear and then just did some ‘go-go’ dancing. I ended up tearing apart my knees dancing to “Ass” haha, you would think I’d be used to being on my knees by now 😉 During the night I passed out DVDs, signed autographs and took a shit ton of pictures. At the end of the night, I treated myself to a lovely muscle milk and then passed out :)Had a great time at Pulse and in Orlando! Hope to go out there again soon.

Much love 😉

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