Neww Car

What’s up! So much for a break from the gym over the weekend haha.. I just can’t stop myself from wanting to work out! Luckily, my tendonitis flare up has seemed to calm down and it isn’t bothering me much anymore thank god! Today I hit the gym this morning to work out my legs, traps and abs. Working out legs has to be one of my hardest but most rewarding work outs during the week. Today has been super productive for me. I’m going to be putting my truck up for sale on Craigslist tonight. Hate to say good bye to that truck but it’s time to get something else. At first I thought I wanted to get another truck but I think I’ve narrowed down my choices and they have come down to a Camaro, a Challenger or a Mustang. What can I say, I LOVE the muscle cars! I’m hoping to get my new car at the end of this month or beginning of May. It’s been so hard without a car so the sooner the better! Other than that, I picked up my scene schedule today but I’ll give you more details about that in another blog and I hit the gym again. I know I said in a blog last week that I didn’t have any events until May 10th but I totally forgot that I go to Tennessee and North Carolina the weekend of April 27th!! Xoxo,Mojo

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