Flights and Stock Bar

Got back from Canada late on Sunday night and I swear I have THE worst luck with airports lately. My flights are always getting delayed lately. It makes it even worse when your flight gets delayed on the way home! I just wanted to be in my own bed. I blame the delay for me giving in to my chocolate craving lol! Traveling sucks all the energy out of me sometimes. On a more positive note.. The Stock Bar was a blast!! I did some pole dancing that even I didn’t know I could do haha and the crowd was awesome, like always though :). I tried to upload the videos to the website last night but it looked like only one actually worked so I’m gonna try to get the other ones up there tonight. I ended up dancing to 3 songs. I had a fast song, a slow song and a dance with James Huntsman. All three of the videos will be up on the site soon.. so look for those! Thanks to everyone that came out that night! Hope I gave you guys a good show 😉

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