First Gear

This week has been pretty stressful. Not having a car has been hell to say the least! So the other day I finally “learned” how to drive stick shift! Since my car is in no shape for me to drive I decided maybe it was finally time to learn stick shift so I could use my girlfriend’s car. I had been procrastinating on learning for months. She was always asking to take me to go learn but I never took her up on her offer till now. I knew I’d be able to pick it up but I have to admit I thought I would pick it up a lot faster. At first it is just overwhelming because I’m not use to having to remember so much while driving. Then what started happening was I would over think everything I was doing, which messed me up even more haha. Of course, I stalled it quite a few times in the beginning but then I started to get the hang of it. I’m pretty good at getting into first gear now but I’m definitely going to practice a few more times before I test myself out on the open road 🙂 The fact that I live on a hill makes me even more nervous to drive a stick shift!! Hopefully, I’ll have a new car by the end of April though so that wont be a problem!

Much Love

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