Phoenix Forum

Hey Guys!

Alright so last night I got back from Phoenix Forum. It was a loooong ass week but I had a great time like always!! I did a dance performance with Johnny Torque which was hot and I was able to get some serious sun poolside. Unfortunately, I caught what my girlfriend had right before we left and I was sick the whole time so I’m looking forward to some much needed rest and recovery before I head off to Canada this weekend 🙂 I was only able to hit the gym a couple times while I was in Phoenix so I’m itching to get back into my gym routine this week.

For those of you who didn’t come to my webcam show last week, I got into a car accident so right now it’s pretty shitty without a car. I was driving up the hill to my place when the back side of my truck started to fish tail. Before I knew it I had done I complete 180 slamming into the center divide. My back and tail bone were sore for awhile 🙁 I think it is finally time to say goodbye to my truck and find a new ride. I love my truck and I wish I had the money to keep it as a side project but it just isn’t practical for me anymore. So that is what I’m dealing with now! Until next time..

Much Loveeeeeee 😉

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