Bodega Bay, LA, Vancouver, and Florida

Hey Guys,

So this weekend I surprised my girlfriend with a getaway. All I told her was that we were going somewhere on Saturday and to pack overnight clothes. I booked a room at the Bodega Bay Lodge that had an amazing view of the bay. It was a little overcast but still enjoyable. We both turned off our phones the whole time so we could just enjoy the serenity alone. I had planned for us to go out to Bodega Head to try to do some whale watching but since the weather wasn’t in our favor, we cuddled up in the room and got room service instead J The room had a huge bathtub so before bed we took a bath then made a fire and fell asleep. Definitely one relaxing weekend!

Yesterday I ended up doing something to my neck and back in the gym. Probably just tweaked something but it’s been super sore L Can’t afford to take a day off from the gym either. Tomorrow I leave for LA to meet up with Joey Hard and go to Cocktails with the Stars. The next morning I head to Vancouver, then im back home for a day, then go to florida. Tonight is my cam show at 5pm!!!

See ya guys later.

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