Eating Schedule

Okay… so here it is! This is everything I ate yesterday.

BREAKFAST (at about 8am)
3 eggs and 3 egg whites- with cracked pepper, no salt
1 piece of 100% whole wheat toast- no butter
1 cup of plain oatmeal made with Silk PureAlmond Milk and some Almond Butter
Pre-Workout Shake

SNACK (at about 11am)
1 protein bar
Protein Shake

LUNCH (at about 2pm)
1 chicken breast- plain and cooked on the George Forman
2 cups of brown rice

SNACK (at about 4pm)
2 Mojo bars
Protein Shake

DINNER (at about 7pm)
2 Turkey Burgers- cooked on the George Forman
(One with 2 pieces of 100% whole wheat bread and the other by itself)
-BBQ Sauce and a half an avocado
1 cup of spinach- with lemon juice

SNACK (at about 9pm)
Protein Shake
1 Mojo Bar

Now I try to eat just about every 2 hours but this is definitely not a diet for everyone so keep that in mind! Some things I would recommend incorporating into your diet are: the 100% whole wheat bread, plain chicken breasts, turkey burgers and brown rice but at portions suitable for you. You can always email me with questions at and remember to drink a ton of water throughout the day 😉

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