Hardline Chat

Whats up!

On Tuesday night I was on Hardline Chat. This was my first time using the Hardline Chat app on my iPhone. It was ridiculously easy to get all set up and I had so many messages from people! I always enjoy being able to connect with fans. I tried to respond to as many people as I could but so many were coming in that I couldn’t get to them all, so sorry if I wasn’t able to respond! A lot of people just asked me questions like if I was a top or a bottom or how I got into porn. When I would be on Hardline Chat previous times it was always over the phone, which was fun to talk to people but I definitely got to hear from a lot more of my fans using the app. I think it’s great to be able to answer some questions that people have for me and Hardline Chat always makes that possible. I’m looking forward to doing more with Hardline Chat so everyone should look out for the next time that I’ll be on there and I’ll keep everyone updated on my blogs as well! I’ll try to post those daily eating blogs sometime this weekend but everyone should come hang out with me tonight on my web cam show at 5pm 😉

Much love 🙂

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