No Excuses

Since I didn’t end up going to Canada as planned, I had no excuse to skip the gym so I was back at it bright and early this morning. Definitely hard to wake up this morning because of this shitty ass weather. I’ve been pretty good with my morning routine… getting up, taking my supplements, eating and then hitting the gym. This morning I had a couple eggs and egg whites with a piece of 100% whole wheat toast (No butter) and a bowl of oatmeal with Silk Almond Milk and some almond butter. I just started to add Silk Almond Milk to my oatmeal and protein shakes now. The Silk Almond Milk is honestly bomb!! Today was arm day at the gym. This mornings workout was pretty quick but I went again later to workout abs and do some cardio. I’ve been feeling super pumped lately and I’m loving it!

Later guys!

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