Upcoming Events

Soo the Next Door Tour is here! We are visiting sooo many cities arcoss the US and Canada. Here are the cities I will be making appearances at 🙂

March 1st- Ottawa, Canada
March 14th-Los Angeles w/ Joey Hard
March 15th-Vancouver, Canada
March 17th-Orlando, FL w/ Samuel O’ Toole
March 24th- St Petersburg, FL
March 29th-April 1st- Phoenix Forum

April 6th- Toronto, Canada w/ James Huntsman
April 7th- Montreal, Canada w/ James Huntsman
April 27th- Nashville w/ Brody Wilder
April 28th- Raleigh w/ Brody Wilder

So there is my schedule so far. If you are going to be near by on any of those dates…COME SEE ME!

Much love 🙂
April 28th

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