Post Birthday

Sooo my birthday was definitely a success! The day started out with my last day of work, I shot a scene with Brad Fox…and yes I bottomed ;). He’s somewhat new to the porn industry so I was gentle lol. When I was all finished Next Door surprised me with an array of balloons and a chocolate cake!! Now Next Door should know better than to give me a cake, but I wasn’t going to be rude and not eat any…so I cut myself a slice…what torture lol.

After that I picked up Johnny Torque, went home, got ready real quick, then him and I went to go see my dad for dinner. We did not have anything special because I had my hardline chat thing shortly after. Soooo if all else fails,go to Subway lol. Once we were done with dinner, we dropped my dad off and headed home. I was very anxious to get the Hardline Chat done…it was my birthday after all :).

Once I was done we were off to the bars. Made it to a couple different bars before we went to the club we got VIP at. To tell you the truth, I got a little tipsy to soon. But thats what your birthday is all about!!! Gettin shitty lol. Left the club around 1:30. Went home, ate my hangover away, then dropped into my coma lol.

Until next time guys, Much love

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