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My roommate lent me his external hard drive with a shit ton of movies on it so I’ve been watching a bunch of those. The last couple of movies I watched were Dog Pound and The Company. Dog Pound was about this juvenile detention center that breaks in to absolute chaos! It was slow at first but the end was crazy. Made me glad I never got in trouble like that when I was younger. The other movie had Ben Affleck in it. I had never heard of it before so I decided to watch it the other night. It was one of those movies where you have to wait until the end for all the pieces of the story start to fall into place. Wasn’t my favorite movie but it did make me shed a tear… or two 😉 haha. Haven’t been out to see any of the new movies but I can’t wait for Project X to come out on March 2nd! That movie looks like it’s going to be fucking HILARIOUS! So I’m pretty excited for that to come out. I’m just hoping it will be as good as Old School and The Hangover J What other good movies are coming out?


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  1. atlgaboy says:

    Trailer for “21 Jump St.) with Channing “Hubba-Hubba” Tatum and Jonah Hill looks hilarious. Talked to someone who saw a screening and she said it is hysterical. Comes out 3/16. See it before heading to Orlando! XXOO

  2. Jeremy says:

    All I want on March 3 is to meet you! It’s my birthday…I guess I’ll have to wait till the Grabby’s if you’re going. Will you make a club appearance in Seattle sometime????

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