My truck and Chicago

Not looking forward to this week! Had to take my truck in to get worked on, so for the next few days I won’t have it. I’m getting a bunch of things fixed including my tranny completely rebuilt. Once I get her back she’ll be in top shape and purring like she should…and my pockets will be empty lo $$$$. But until then looks like I might get extra exercise running to and from the gym! Lol

I only have one event so far that i’m going too and it is scheduled for Feb. 10th in Chicago. Spin Nightclub is where I will reside, ive heard nothing but good things about Chicago so i’m stoked.

Also, shoot week is in the horizon! Ive been running a couple miles every 2 days to keep the midsection tight so I look good for ya’ll. I believe the shoot starts in a little over 2 weeks so it is crunch time 😉

Alright guys, until next time! Might try to do a video blog next week so look for that.

Much love, mojo

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